Comfort & Hospitality

Your host, Doug, is an experienced traveller with that easy-going manner which can make a wide variety of guests feel at ease and at home. The welcome is genuine and it never transforms itself into the fussing of an over-anxious host. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, and when you are not out and about exploring the local sights you can choose a comfortable recliner in the lounge, take in the view, read or doze! Have a coffee in the sun on the outside deck, use the wireless internet to plan the next part of your trip or to catch up on news and friends.

Enjoy a nightcap while you talk over the day’s discoveries. Then after a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed wake up to the prospect of a generous, tasty, freshly-prepared breakfast.

A two course dinner is available as an optional extra at $30 per person. Discuss your food preferences with Doug.